Free Body By vi Protein shake Powder

 Customers and distributors  can get  their Visalus shakes for free month after month. This is how it works:  

1- First you must be on an auto ship of your own with one of the Visalus shake kits                                              

2- You can be either a distributor or a customer to participate 

3- Once you refer THREE other customers (not distributors), and they place an order for their own Visalus shake kit through your Body By Vi website (customers get a free website also!). Then your NEXT MONTH’S kit will be sent to your for free by Visalus. You will only pay the shipping. 

Qualifications:                        free body by vi protein shake powder

1- You must have AT LEAST THREE customers on an auto ship of their own within a 30 day period. 

2- The combination of VOLUME of your THREE (or more customers) must equal at least YOUR KIT x THREE 

Example: If you are on a $99 Visalus Shape Kit. You need either THREE customers on an auto ship of their own on a $99 Visalus Shape Kit auto ship each. OR, say you have THREE customers and TWO are on $99 Visalus Shape Kits and ONE is on $49 Visalus Balance Kit. In that case, you would need an additional client at t a $49 Visalus Balance Kit. 

Another Example: You are on a $250 Visalus Transformation Kit and you refer 5 friends. Two chose the $250 Transformation Kit, 2 chose the $99 Shape Kit and 1 chooses the $49 Balance kit. This will still meet the requirements for you to receive your $250 Visalus Transformation kit free the following month. 

As long as your customers/friends continue to re-order, or new customers come on board to replace the volume of those who stop, then your kit will continue to be sent to you for free THE FOLLOWING MONTH.  So keep or maintain at least 3 and yours is free!





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