Are protein shakes good for you? 


when it comes to getting in shape there are certain things that you must incorporate into your diet. Protein is one of them. Having the right amount of protein in your diet is vital if you want to reach your fitness goals. For the most part people drink protein shakes because they are a convenient way to get the protein that your body needs to maintain or build muscle. And as we all know, the more muscle you have, the more energy you will burn throughout the day. 


Are protein shakes good for you?  You better believe it. Protein does more than just help you build muscle; it also helps you lose weight. First, protein can be converted into glucose for energy. But the process takes twice as much effort which means your body is burning more calories. Protein also makes you feel fuller longer which results in you eating less food.


The amount of protein you need on a daily basis will depend on several things. Mainly your body fat percentage, gender and current weight. However, as a general rule for women you need about 45 grams a day and men you need about 55 grams of protein a day.



The great thing about protein is that in can be found in a variety of different foods. Some of them include chicken, fish, beef, milk and cheese. But be careful not to eat the wrong proteins. Doing so could increase your cholesterol and overall fat intake. Red meats are high in fight so eat them sparingly.


Truth be told, the average person will not get the right amount of protein from diet alone. That's where protein shakes come in. They can pick up the slack and ensure you get the right amount of protein on a daily basis. The protein in protein shakes is soluble which means it absorbs easier. Just know that protein shakes are supplements. They should not be used as meal replacements.


It is best to take a protein shake right after you work out within 30 minutes so be prepared ahead of time to drink a shake . And while protein shakes are without a doubt good for you, if you overdo it there could be problems. Know the amount of protein you need for you goals and weight. Don't take more than you need to.


And last but not least avoid protein shakes that are high in sugar. Read the labels so you know what you are putting in your body. A protein shake full of sugar will not give you the results you desire.


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